SIEPR’s research is organized in four centers and six separate programs. Under the overall direction of the SIEPR director, each center and program has its own director(s) responsible for organizing research that addresses immediate as well as long-term policy questions and creates a deeper understanding of particular economic policy issues.

George Shultz

“SIEPR brings resources and drive to research on economic policy and education for all of us exposed to its work and its programs.”  

  George Shultz, SIEPR Honorary Chairman and Distinguished Fellow, Hoover Institution.

One of the key hallmarks of SIEPR has been the interaction of researchers, policymakers, and business. In the heart of Silicon Valley, SIEPR has provided a venue for researchers to have access to successful entrepreneurs, government officials from around the world, and other world-class researchers. The result has been that SIEPR research projects assemble researchers with different backgrounds, test theory against experience, and produce new and relevant insights.

For SIEPR members, policy-makers, and the media, SIEPR scholars provide the highest-quality research, policy recommendations, and analysis on the full range of economic policy issues.