Senior Fellow SIEPR

SIEPR was granted authority to appoint senior fellows in 1997. Senior fellows actively participate in SIEPR research and participate in its governance. Senior fellows are members of Stanford’s academic council and, at SIEPR, have the responsibility of bringing new academic members on board. In addition, Senior Fellows help to bring academic excellence and scholarly insight to SIEPR.

Some of SIEPR's senior fellows are also associated with the Stanford Center for International Development and the Center on Employment and Economic Growth.

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Masahiko Aoki   Henri H. and Tomoye Takahashi Professor of Japanese Studies, Emeritus, and Senior Fellow, FSI
Kenneth Arrow   Joan Kenney Professor of Economics and Professor of Operations Research, Emeritus, and Senior Fellow, by courtesy, FSI
Susan Athey   The Economics of Technology Professor in the GSB
Kyle Bagwell   Donald L. Lucas Professor of Economics
B. Douglas Bernheim   Edward Ames Edmonds Professor of Economics
Jay Bhattacharya   Associate Professor of Medicine
Nicholas Bloom   Professor of Economics and Professor, by courtesy, in the GSB
Michael Boskin   Tully Friedman Professor of Economics and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution
David Brady   Bowen H. & Janice Arthur McCoy Professor in Leadership Values in the GSB; Professor of Political Science; Deputy Director and Davies Family Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution; Senior Fellow, FSI
Timothy Bresnahan   Landau Professor in Technology and the Economy, and Professor, by courtesy, of Economics in the GSB
Jeremy Bulow   Richard Stepp Professor in the GSB
Gerhard Casper   President Emeritus of Stanford University; Peter and Helen Bing Professor in Undergraduate Education, Emeritus; Professor of Law, Emeritus; Senior Fellow, FSI
John Cogan   Leonard and Shirley Ely Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
Paul David   Professor of Economics, and Professor, by courtesy, of History, Emeritus
Darrell Duffie   Dean Witter Distinguished Professor of Finance in the GSB
Pascaline Dupas   Assistant Professor of Economics, The Sakurako and William Fisher Family Faculty Scholar, SIEPR Center Fellow
Liran Einav   Professor of Economics
Victor Fuchs   Henry J. Kaiser, Jr., Professor of Economics and of Health Research and Policy, Emeritus
Ronald Gilson   Charles J. Meyers Professor of Law and Business
Judith Goldstein   Janet M. Peck Professor of International Communication; Chair, Department of Political Science; Kaye University Fellow in Undergraduate Education
Lawrence Goulder   Shuzo Nishihara Professor in Environmental & Resource Economics and Kennedy-Grossman Fellow in the Department of Human Biology
Avner Greif   The Bowman Family Professor in Humanities & Sciences, and Senior Fellow, FSI
Joseph Grundfest   The William A. Franke Professorship of Law and Business
Stephen Haber   A.A. and Jeanne Welch Milligan Professor; Peter and Helen Bing Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution; Professor of Political Science, of History and, by courtesy, of Economics
Eric Hanushek   Paul and Jean Hanna Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution
Caroline Hoxby   The Scott and Donya Bommer Professor in the School of Humanities & Sciences, and Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
Pete Klenow   Ralph Landau Professor in Economic Policy; Gordon and Betty Moore Senior Fellow, SIEPR
Charles Kolstad   Senior Fellow at the Precourt Institute for Energy, and Professor, by courtesy, of Economics
Stephen Krasner   Graham H. Stuart Professor of International Relations; Senior Associate Dean for the Social Sciences, School of Humanities & Sciences; Deputy Director of FSI; Senior Fellow, FSI and Hoover Institution
Anne Krueger   The Herald L. and Caroline L. Ritch Professor in Humanities & Sciences, Emeritus; Professor of International Economics at the School for Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University
Edward Lazear   Jack Steele Parker Professor of Human Resources Management and Economics; Morris Arnold and Nona Jean Cox Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
Mark Lemley   William H. Neukom Professor of Law
Jonathan Levin   Holbrook Working Professor of Price Theory; Chair, Department of Economics and Professor, by courtesy, in the GSB
Susanna Loeb   Barnett Family Professor of Education; Director, Center for Education Policy Analysis; Co-Director, Policy Analysis for California Education
Thomas MaCurdy   Professor of Economics and Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
Ronald McKinnon   William D. Eberle Professor of International Economics, Emeritus
Paul Milgrom   Shirley R. and Leonard W. Ely, Jr. Professor of Humanities & Sciences and Professor, by courtesy, in the GSB
Roger Noll   Professor of Economics, Emeritus, and Professor, by courtesy, in the Department of Political Science and in the GSB
Bruce Owen   The Gordon Cain Senior Fellow and Morris M. Doyle Centennial Professor in Public Policy
John Pencavel   The Pauline K. Levin-Robert L. Levin and Pauline C. Levin-Abraham Levin Professor in the School of Humanities & Sciences
Luigi Pistaferri   The Ralph Landau Senior Fellow in Economic Growth
A. Mitchell Polinsky   Josephine Scott Crocker Professor of Law and Economics in the School of Law and Professor, by courtesy, of Economics; Director of John M. Olin Program in Law and Economics
Joshua Rauh   Dhirubhai Ambani Faculty Fellow in Entrepreneurship, Professor of Finance in the GSB , and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution
John Roberts   John H. Scully Professor of Economics, Strategic Management, and International Business in the GSB and Professor, by courtesy, of Economics
Gregory Rosston   Deputy Director of SIEPR and Public Policy Director
Alvin Roth   Craig and Susan McCaw Professor of Economics
Scott Rozelle   Helen F. Farnsworth Senior Fellow, FSI; Affiliate, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
John Shoven   The Trione Director of SIEPR, Charles R. Schwab Professor of Economics, Buzz and Barbara McCoy Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution
James Sweeney   Professor of Management Science and Engineering, Director of the Precourt Institute for Energy Efficiency, Senior Fellow at Hoover Institution, FSI and Woods Institute for the Environment
John Taylor   Mary and Robert Raymond Professor of Economics; George P. Shultz Senior Fellow in Economics, Hoover Institution
Michael Tomz   Professor of Political Science
Barry Weingast   Ward C. Krebs Family Professor of Political Science, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and Professor, by courtesy, of Economics
Frank Wolak   Holbrook Working Professor in Commodity Price Studies; Senior Fellow, FSI and the Precourt Institute for Energy
Gavin Wright   William Robertson Coe Professor in American Economic History