SIEPR Postdoctoral Fellowships in Applied Economic Policy

The Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) invites applications for postdoctoral fellowships in applied or policy economics to start Summer 2014 and continue for up to two years as part of the Young Scholars program, a program for promising new and recent Ph.D. recipients to pursue policy-relevant research and be an active member of the economics community at Stanford University. SIEPR provides a competitive stipend plus support for travel and research assistants. Eligible candidates will have completed their Ph.D. between August 1, 2013 and August 1, 2014.

SIEPR is a Stanford University research institute and is closely tied to the economics department, business school and law school at Stanford. SIEPR scholars conduct studies on important economic policy issues in the United States and other countries. SIEPR's goal is to inform and advise policy makers and the public, and to guide their decisions with sound policy analysis. In the course of their research, SIEPR faculty train, educate, and support Ph.D. students as future economic policy analysts.

Submit materials by applying for the SIEPR posting on

Deadline for receipt of all materials is December 1, 2013.

Stanford University is an equal opportunity employer.

Current SIEPR Postdoctoral Fellows

Lorenzo Casaburi (2013-2016), Ph.D., Harvard University. Areas of Interest: Public Finance, International Trade, Development Economics
Rebecca Diamond (2013-2014), Ph.D., Harvard University. Areas of Interest: Labor Economics, Urban Economics, Industrial Organization
Petra Persson (2013-2014), Ph.D., Columbia University. Areas of Interest: Labor Economics, Social Insurance.
Orie Shelef (2013-2016), Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley. Areas of Interest: Behavioral Economics, Energy Economics, Development Economics
Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato (2012-2014). Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley. Areas of interest: Public Finance, Entrepreneurship, Macroeconomics.