Stanford Environmental and Energy Policy Analysis Center (SEEPAC)

Lawrence H. Goulder, Director
Charles D. Kolstad, Senior Fellow

SIEPR and the Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford have launched a new center that will foster research on public policies that address pressing environmental and energy issues. SEEPAC, directed by Lawrence Goulder, will enlist faculty and students to seek innovative and effective policies to deal with a range of issues, including climate change, local air pollution, vulnerability to oil supply disruptions, and transitions to renewable energy resources. SEEPAC’s policy analysts will work closely with engineers and natural scientists as it examines policy efforts at all levels: international, national, and regional.

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Poverty, Growth and the Demand for Energy-Using Assets
Paul GertlerOrie ShelefAlan FuchsCatherine Wolfram, October 2013
Designing an Optimal ‘Tech Fix’ Path to Global Climate Stability: Directed R&D and Embodied Technical Change in a Multi-phase Framework
Paul DavidAdriaan van Zon, July 2013
Interactions Between State and Federal Climate Change Policies
Lawrence GoulderRobert Stavins, June 2010
Unintended Consequences from Nested State & Federal Regulations: The Case of the Pavley Greenhouse-Gas-per-Mile Limits
Lawrence GoulderMark JacobsenArthur van Benthem, August 2009
Impacts of Alternative Emissions Allowance Allocation Methods Under a Federal Cap-and-Trade Program
Lawrence GoulderMarc HafsteadMichael Dworsky, August 2009


Workshop: Empirical and Methodological Advances in the Economic Analysis of Climate Change Policy, 8/15/14 - 12/14/15 PI: Charles D. Kolstad