Center on Employment and Economic Growth

Timothy F. Bresnahan, Director

The Center on Employment and Economic Growth was created in 1997 to study the relationship between long-term economic growth and the economic success of individuals and families in their jobs and careers.

Faculty at the Center on Employment and Economic Growth (CEEG) study the relationships between human capital formation, technology, and long-term economic growth. Directed by Timothy F. Bresnahan, researchers at CEEG examine how technology and competitive changes contribute to increases in our economic well-being; what these changes mean for firms and workers; and how our institutions and policies will have to adjust to keep up with the economy. The center sponsors an interdisciplinary seminar on technical progress.

Under CEEG, the Regulatory Policy Program, led by Roger Noll and Frank Wolak, looks at U.S. policies on regulation and their impact on the economy. The program initiates important new policy-relevant research on government regulation of business, with a particular focus on telecommunications, energy, and the Internet. The program encourages young scholars, both graduate students and junior faculty, to research regulatory policy issues.

CEEG scholars Bresnahan, Ashish Arora, and Jenny Kuan are working on the relationship between intellectual property rights and firm formation in high-technology industries. Intellectual property policy sets the incentives for invention. It also sets the ground rules under which entrepreneurs, users who innovate, and large technology firms work together. CEEG research addresses the policy rules that lead to high rates of invention and commercialization.

CEEG sponsors the Social Science and Technology Seminar Series.


Compulsory Licensing: Evidence from the Trading with the Enemy Act
Petra MoserAlessandra Voena, July 2010
New U.S. Nuclear Generation: 2010-2030
Geoffrey Rothwell, June 2010
Infrastructure Quality and the Subsidy Trap
Shaun McRae, June 2010
Working for Female Managers: Gender Hierarchy in the Workplace
Eva Meyersson MilgromIllong Kwon, February 2010
The Dispossessed: A Labor-Market Analysis of Extreme Political Violence
Eva Meyersson Milgrom, February 2010