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Our scholars are professors, researchers and students who take interdisciplinary approaches to addressing some of the biggest economic challenges in the United States and abroad. Many of our Senior Fellows, Faculty Fellows, and researchers have also worked in government agencies or advised policymakers.

Featured Scholars

David Chan on diagnosing what ails US health care

Few people understand the high costs of medical services in the United States better than David Chan, a practicing physician and Stanford economist specializing in health care. But even Chan isn’t immune from sticker shock at the doctor’s office.

On a recent visit to his doctor, Chan underwent a routine test for seasonal allergies. He figured it would cost about $500. The actual charge was closer to $5,000. To Chan, a SIEPR faculty fellow and assistant professor at the Stanford School of Medicine, the experience illustrates what’s hobbling U.S. health care.

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Marcel Fafchamps on finding a different approach to addressing poverty

For 35 years, Marcel Fafchamps has studied poverty in developing countries. He’s seen one proposal after another for helping the poor come into vogue, vanish and reappear — again and again.

The problem, says Fafchamps, is that one-size-fits-all solutions to poverty in the developing world tend to be driven from the top-down. They lack a deep understanding of life in poverty, and an awareness of the unique cultural norms and unwritten rules that guide how individual groups of villagers interact with each other — and the outside world.

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