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Visiting Faculty

Our Visiting Faculty members are in residence at SIEPR from one month to an entire academic year. They come from other academic institutions to engage with the Stanford Economics community and conduct their own research.

Application Details

Michael Anderson

Associate Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Berkeley
In Residence:
Sep 25, 2017 to Jun 15, 2018

Colleen Flaherty Manchester

Associate Professor, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
In Residence:
Mar 26, 2018 to Jun 1, 2018

Francois Gerard

Assistant Professor of Economics, Columbia University
In Residence:
Jan 1, 2018 to Jun 30, 2018

Paul Grieco

Associate Professor of Economics, Pennsylvania State University
In Residence:
Jan 15, 2018 to Mar 15, 2018

Nathaniel Hilger

Assistant Professor of Economics, Brown University
In Residence:
Sep 1, 2017 to Jan 23, 2018

Lori Kletzer

Professor of Economics, Colby College
In Residence:
Oct 1, 2017 to Jun 15, 2018

Brian Viard

Associate Professor of Strategy and Economics, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
In Residence:
Apr 6, 2017 to Oct 20, 2017

David Yoffie

Max and Doris Starr Professor of International Business Administration, Harvard Business School
In Residence:
Jan 8, 2018 to Jan 26, 2018