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The SIEPR Difference


SIEPR researchers are distinguished academics with high-level experience from business, government, and nonprofit sectors.

“What you get from SIEPR is direct exposure to the cutting edge in economic thinking, direct exposure to a number of fascinating topics and ideas.”  


  John Gunn, SIEPR Advisory Board Chairman,  Former Chairman & CEO of Dodge & Cox, Investment Managers.


SIEPR is driven by a genuine quest for economic solutions to domestic and international challenges, regardless of which party or interest group may endorse it.

SIEPR is a nonprofit organization devoted to independent research and innovative policy solutions. Celebrating more than 30 years of excellence, SIEPR analyzes current and emerging economic issues and produces new ideas and policies from all points of view.

For SIEPR members, policymakers, and the media, SIEPR scholars provide the highest quality research, policy recommendations, and analysis on the full range of economic policy issues. SIEPR scholars have played key roles in many presidential campaigns and administrations and provide thought-leadership on many levels.


SIEPR is one of the most influential non-partisan think tanks in the United States. The institute draws together Stanford faculty, researchers, policymakers, scholars, and the business community. SIEPR facilitates intellectual exchange with the goal of informing and advising policymakers and the community on economic theories, research and solutions. In the course of their research, SIEPR faculty train, educate, and support PhD students as future economic policy analysts.