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Policy Impact

Bridging research and policy

Gopi Shah Goda’s research and teaching have focused on economic policymaking for more than a decade. She recently took her work beyond Stanford to Washington, D.C., where she served on the Council of Economic Advisers. Her year of public service continues a tradition of SIEPR senior fellows committed to strengthening the ties between the worlds of academia and policy. We documented her journey and invite you to watch.

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Kwabena Donkor leans on cab
Why Econ

Explore our stories

Why is a New York City cabbie driven to focus on behavioral economics? Why does a basketball-obsessed first-grader grow up to shoot for an econ PhD? Learn about the academic and professional twists and turns our affiliated faculty and students took before steering toward SIEPR.

SIEPR Programs

By the numbers

SIEPR offers a wide range of programs and fellowships to catalyze research on questions of lasting importance and train the next generation of economic policy scholars and leaders.  Our programs are offered to people at all different stages in their careers including students, recent graduates, and research professionals.

Learning Loss = Earning Loss

Improving student outcomes starts with better teachers

While efforts to address pandemic-era learning loss have focused on summer school, tutoring and technology, SIEPR’s Eric Hanushek suggests it is time for schools to switch gears. Shining a light on the lasting impact of good—and bad—teachers, Hanushek makes the case for teacher-centered reforms that can boost college attendance, workforce preparedness and future salaries for all students.


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