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Policy Impact

White House report draws on SIEPR scholarship

This year's Economic Report of the President cites the work of several SIEPR faculty affiliates. 

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Policy Connection

All eyes on AI: Promoting competition

An all-star cast of Justice Department officials, researchers and business leaders gathered at SIEPR for a spirited discussion about how the race to dominate artificial intelligence (AI) impacts competition.

SIEPR Leadership

Neale Mahoney named next director of SIEPR

An expert on consumer financial markets, health care economics, and medical debt, Mahoney will take the helm of SIEPR on Jan. 1, 2025. 

Why Econ

See what draws our scholars and students to economic policy

When Annamaria Lusardi greets students on the first day of her class on personal finance, she sets the record straight: She isn’t teaching them just how to save or invest. “This course is about learning how to make decisions that will set you up for success,” she tells them. Learn more about Annamaria and others featured in our Why Econ series.

Policy Brief

Working from home, here to stay

SIEPR’s Nicholas Bloom often gets asked if working from home will end with the next recession. If a recession hits, the thinking goes, job opportunities will shrivel and managers will be able to force workers back to their office desks without the risk of attrition. But theory and data show the opposite is likely true. Bloom explains why WFH is recession-proof.

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