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Policy Impact

Presidential report draws on SIEPR scholarship

President Biden’s recent analysis of the nation’s economic progress relies heavily on academic research, including studies by more than two dozen SIEPR scholars.

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Why Econ

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Why is a New York City cabbie driven to focus on behavioral economics? Why does a basketball-obsessed first-grader grow up to shoot for an econ PhD? Learn about the academic and professional twists and turns our affiliated faculty and students took before steering toward SIEPR.

SIEPR Programs

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SIEPR offers a wide range of programs and fellowships to catalyze research on questions of lasting importance and train the next generation of economic policy scholars and leaders.  Our programs are offered to people at all different stages in their careers including students, recent graduates, and research professionals.

How do you rate?

The safety of our cars. The achievements of our schools. The milk in our coffee. Quality ratings are everywhere, but what’s behind those stars and seals of approval? This policy brief from SIEPR Postdoctoral Fellow Benjamin Vatter digs into the Medicare Advantage Star Ratings system to explain how quality disclosure can be utilized as a policy lever for regulators, retailers, distributors, and others.

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