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Kwabena Donkor leans on taxi cab
Why Econ

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Why is a New York City cabbie driven to focus on behavioral economics? Why does a basketball-obsessed first-grader grow up to shoot for a PhD in economics? Learn about the academic and professional twists and turns our affiliated faculty and students took before steering toward SIEPR.

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Out of Work

Study finds ‘substantial’ costs on workers with severe COVID-19 illnesses

Research led by SIEPR’s Gopi Shah Goda estimates that at least 500,000 Americans are not working today because of the lingering consequences of their COVID-19 illnesses.

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SIEPR offers a wide range of programs and fellowships to catalyze research on questions of lasting importance and train the next generation of economic policy scholars and leaders.  Our programs are offered to people at all different stages in their careers including students, recent graduates, and research professionals.

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The Great Resistance

When it's time to return to the office

After more than two years of remote working, flexible scheduling, and zero commute time, many workers are refusing to head back to the office. In this policy brief, SIEPR’s Nicholas Bloom tells businesses how they can inch closer to the connected, pre-pandemic work experience of the past – without sacrificing the precious flexibility of remote work.

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