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Shultz Graduate Student Fellowship in Economic Policy

This fund was created by the Annenberg Foundation in honor of George P. Shultz.

The George P. Shultz Dissertation Support Fund Fellowship was established to support empirical research by graduate students working on dissertations oriented toward economic policy. Funds may be used to gather and work with primary economic data and can pay for travel and other expenses necessary to put together original data sets or to acquire commercial data sets. The funding may also be used by faculty to hire graduate research assistants working with the faculty member on empirical data that will lead to the graduate student also using that data for her/his research.

All dissertation-level students enrolled at Stanford University and working on economic issues are eligible for support from this fund. Recipients of this fund must submit a summary of their work upon completion of the fellowship.

Questions should be directed to

We accept applications twice per year for the Shultz Funding, due at the end of October and mid-April.

The Autumn application cycle for Shultz Fellowships is now closed.

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Please submit a short (2-5 page) research proposal and project description. Your proposal should explain the type of primary data you seek to collect and the process through which you will will obtain said data.
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The budget and justification should indicate the cost allocations for your requested funding amount, and show other funding sources where appropriate.
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