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4 Hours or Less
4+ Hours
Each Hour
After 5pm
Koret-Taube Conference Center
  Room 130, Room 120, Lobby, Courtyard
$1,200 $2,300 $100
Koret-Taube Room 120
  Only Koret-Taube space offered without center rental
$400 $700 x
Doll Conference Room 320
  3rd Floor of SIEPR
$400 $700 x
Lucas Conference Center
  1st Floor of Landau Economics Building next door
$500 $900 x
Lucas Conference Center Room A
  Available only 8am-5pm
$300 $600 x
Lucas Conference Center Room B
  Available only 8am-5pm
$200 $400 x


Half Day & Full Day Calculation
Hours apply to event start / end times, not including time needed for setup, cleanup, etc
Weekend Surcharge
$400 fee per weekend day, only applies to Koret-Taube Conference Center
Koret-Taube Conference Center - Usage After 5pm
Fee per each additional hour is added on top of rental rate, hours apply to event end time, not including cleanup
Required Cleaning Order
An order is required to be placed by your dept for cleaning spaces after the event, not included in our fees
University PTAs are the only accepted method of payment, charged by journal within 2 weeks of event date
Cancellation Policy
30 days or less, 100% of room rental fee forfeited

SIEPR Conference Space-Rental Rates.pdf