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Academic Tribute to Kenneth Arrow

Event Details:

Monday, October 9, 2017
12:00am - 11:55pm PDT


Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center
326 Galvez St
Stanford, CA 94305
United States


By invitation only


Welcoming Remarks

Alvin Roth, Douglas Bernheim, and Larry Kramer

 Social Choice Panel

Eric Maskin, Kotaro Suzumura, Amartya Sen, and Salvador Barbera
Roger Myerson

Arrow's Broader Intellectual Contributions

Lawrence Lau, Mordecai Kurz and Eytan Sheshinski (Chaired by Matthew Jackson)

 General Equilibrium Panel

John Geanakoplos, Robert Lucas, Herakles Polemarchakis, and Andreu Mas-Colell
Chris Shannon

 Keynote by Sir James Mirrlees

Sir James Mirrlees (Chaired by John Shoven)

Keynote by Robert Solow

Robert Solow (Chaired by Mark Duggan)

Remarks on Behalf of Arrow's Graduate Students

Nancy Stokey and Ross Starr (Chaired by Alvin Roth)

 Health Economics Panel

Victor Fuchs, Alan Garber, Amy Finkelstein, and Sir Angus Deaton
Victor Fuchs

 Finance Panel

Darrell Duffie, William Sharpe, Markus Brunnermeier, and Hersh Shefrin
Hugo Sonnenschein

 Thoughts on Arrow's Broader Influence on Social Science Research

Debra Satz, Richard Cottle, Sir Partha Dasgupta and Joseph Stiglitz (Chaired by Matthew Jackson)

 Family Tributes to Kenneth Arrow

Lawrence Summers
David Arrow
Andrew Arrow
Anita Arrow Summers

 Additional Tributes to Kenneth Arrow

Robert Wilson
David Kreps
Paul Milgrom
Cathe Wright
Myron Scholes
Dan McFadden
Eytan Sheshinski
Menachem Yaari 
Dorothy Anderson
Chaired by Jerry Green

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