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Reservation Steps

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Required Cleaning Order

Our rental fees do not include the cost of room cleaning, a request for cleaning after your event is required.

  • Please place a request for cleaning for each room used using the link and information below
  • Your department PTA information will be required

Submit a cleaning order work request

Request Type: custodial services
Building: 08-280 Gunn/SIEPR
Room: [your event location]
Description: Please vacuum, sweep, clean surfaces and tables, and remove garbage / recycling from [your event location] after [time] on [your event date].

Renting Waste Bins

To rent waste bins for your event, use the same link with the information added below

  • Waste bin rental is required for Koret-Taube Conference Center only, none are built-in
  • All other rooms include bins: one landfill and one recycling
  • For more info including guidance on how many bins to order, see our policies and guidelines

Submit a work request to rent waste bins

Request Type: Recycling, Composting, and Trash Bins
Building: 08-280 Gunn/SIEPR
Room: [your event location]
Description: Please deliver [__] sets of recycling / composting / trash bins before [time] on [your event date] and remove bins after [time] on [your event date].

Event Services Request

An order with Stanford Event Services is required if your event will need to reconfigure the Koret-Taube Conference Center rooms from their default configurations.

Place your order request at least two weeks in advance of your event date to ensure service availability.

  • Otherwise, Koret-Taube Rooms 130 and 120 will be set in the default configurations for your event
  • Other rooms (Lucas Conference Center and Doll Room 320) are only offered in their default configurations
  • Note that an order request is required for your reconfiguration, even if you only use SIEPR in-house furniture
  • If using SIEPR furniture, use the description section at the end of the form to describe your configuration
  • An order request may be submitted to obtain quotes for services.
  • We are happy to help consult, meet on-site, and offer advice while planning

Request event services