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SIEPR Policy Forum on Neuroeconomics

Event Details:

Friday, April 11, 2014
10:10am - 3:50pm PDT


SIEPR Gunn Building
Koret-Taube Conference Center
366 Galvez St.
Stanford, CA 94305
United States

How do our brains shape our policy choices, including those problems we ignore?

The last decade has seen an explosion of research connecting economic decision-making and neuroscience.  Neuroeconomists use brain activity to determine how we frame economic and policy decisions, handle risk and anticipate our future.

Leading researchers, policymakers, and "neuro-startups" will discuss this fascinating and rapidly developing area.  Join us for the SIEPR Policy Forum on Neuroeconomics- your brain will approve!


Friday, April 11, 2014

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    Session I: Our Brains, Our Choices

    Sam McClure,  Assistant Professor of Psychology, Stanford "How We Think About the Future"

    Cary Frydman,  Assistant Professor of Finance and Business Economics, USC "Optimal Financial Decision-Making Using Neuroeconomics"

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    Session II: From the Brain to White House Policy

    Maya Shankar, White House Office of Science Technology and Policy,

    "Building a Bridge Between Academic Research and the Federal Government"

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    Session III: The Grand Challenge of the Brain

    William Newsome, Co-Chair, U.S. Presidential Brain Initiative, Harman Family Provostial Professor and Professor of Neurobiology, Stanford

    "The Presidential Brain Initiative"

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    Session IV: Neuroeconomics Breakthroughs and Lessons

    Antonio Rangel, Bing Professor of Neuroscience, Behavioral Biology and Economics, California Institute of Technology "The Neuroeconomics of Self-Control"

    Brian Knutson, Associate Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience, Stanford "Neural Predictors of Purchases:  Progress and Perils"

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    Session V: The Business of the Brain

    Panel discussion on how companies are using the insights of neuroeconomics.  

    Caroline Winnett, Neurensics USA

    Gail DaMert, SalesBrain

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