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John B. Shoven

Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution and Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research

John B. Shoven is the former Trione Director of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) and the Charles R. Schwab Professor of Economics at Stanford University. He is also a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research. He specializes in public finance and corporate finance and has published on Social Security, health economics, corporate and personal taxation, mutual funds, pension plans, economic demography, and applied general equilibrium economics. His books include The Real Deal: The History and Future of Social Security (Yale University Press, 1999) and The Evolving Pension System (Brookings Institution Press, 2005). Shoven’s most recent book was co-authored with former Secretary of State and Treasury George P. Shultz and deals with both Social Security and health care reform in the U.S. (Putting Our House in Order: A Guide to Social Security and Health Care Reform, W.W. Norton, 2008). He also published a research paper on new ways of measuring age (“New Age Thinking: Alternative Ways of Measuring Age, Their Relationship to Labor Force Participation, Government Policies and GDP,” NBER Working Paper No. 13476, October 2007). His journal publications appear in the American Economic Review, the Journal of Economic Perspectives, and the Journal of Public Economics. In total, Shoven has published more than 100 professional articles and 20 books.

Professor Shoven is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, recipient of the Paul A. Samuelson Award for Outstanding Scholarly Writing on Lifelong Financial Security, and an award-winning teacher at Stanford. He received his PhD in economics from Yale University in 1973 and has been associated with Stanford ever since. He served as dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences from 1993 to 1998. He is chairman of the board of Cadence Design Systems and serves on the boards of American Century Funds, Exponent, Inc., and Financial Engines, Inc.