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Olivia Martin

Chair of Stanford in Government (SIG)

Olivia Martin, '19, is a senior studying Economics. She serves as the Chair of Stanford in Government (SIG), the largest politics and policy student group on campus. SIG's mission is to create a culture of civic and political engagement on the Stanford campus by offering opportunities for Stanford students to engage with and pursue policy as public service. Olivia has also worked as a research assistant at SIEPR, and has served as the teaching assistant for two Public Policy classes. Olivia is passionate about California politics, using data to inform evidence-based policymaking, youth civic engagement, and increasing economic opportunity across the United States. She has spent her summers working for the California Department of Education, for the USAFacts Institute, whose mission is to make government data accessible to all citizens, and most recently for the Boston Consulting Group in Seattle. Olivia is a California native, having grown up in San Diego, and loves enjoying California's state and national parks.