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Ross Starr

Professor of Economics, University of California, San Diego

Ross Starr is professor of economics at the University of California, San Diego. His research specializes in general equilibrium theory, mathematical economics, and monetary theory. His teaching focuses on undergraduate mathematical economics, senior honors essay, and graduate microeconomic theory including price theory and welfare economics. He is the author of “General Equilibrium Theory: An Introduction, ” (Cambridge University Press, 1997 and 2011), “Why is there Money? Walrasian General Equilibrium Foundations of Monetary Theory” (Edward Elgar, 2012) and of research articles published in leading academic journals.
Starr’s childhood was in Los Angeles, California, where he attended Westland Elementary School, Paul Revere Junior High School, and University High School. Undergraduate education took place at UCLA, Reed College (Portland, Oregon ), and Stanford University (B.S. Mathematics, 1966). Starr’s first research publication was written as a Stanford undergraduate senior, “Quasi‐equilibria in economies with non‐convex preferences,” Econometrica, (written 1965, published 1969). Graduate education was at Stanford (Ph.D. Economics, 1972) with extended stays at Harvard and Yale. The dissertation advisor was Nobel Laureate Kenneth Arrow.
Academic and professional appointments include RAND Corp. (consultant 1966, 1967), Graduate School of Business UCLA (research assistant 1967), Yale (assistant and associate professor, 1970 ‐ 1974), London School of Economics (visiting lecturer, 1973 – 74), UC Davis (associate professor, professor 1975 – 1980), UC Berkeley (Guggenheim Fellow, research visitor 1978 ‐79; visiting professor 1997), UC San Diego (professor 1980 –present), European University Institute Florence Italy (visiting professor 2007), Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (research visitor, summers 2008, 2009), Paris School of Economics (visitor 2012).    
Starr spends summers at Stanford University, attending the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics.   He and his wife, Susan, live in La Jolla, California, near the UC San Diego campus.  Their children, Daniel and Diana, and grandchildren Lior, Aviv, and Maya Levy, live on the San Francisco peninsula.