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Steve Tadelis

Steve Tadelis is a professor of economics at Berkeley's Haas School of Business. From 2011 to 2013 he spent a two year leave at eBay Labs, where he put together and led a group of Economists who focus on the economics of e-commerce, with particular attention to creating better matches of buyers and sellers, reducing market frictions by increasing trust and safety in eBay's marketplace, understanding the underlying value of different advertising and marketing strategies, and exploring the market benefits of different pricing structures. 

Aside from the economics of e-commerce, Steve’s main fields of interest are the economics of incentives, industrial organization and microeconomics. Aside from his recent work on ecommerce, his research has focused on a firm's reputation as a valuable, tradable asset; the effects of contract design and organizational form on firm behavior with applications to outsourcing and privatization; public and private sector procurement and award mechanisms; and the determinants of trust.