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Media Mentions Archive

Jan 23 2021 | New York Times
In general, staying at home mechanically slows the pandemic, but the effect of curfews are unclear as other business restrictions are already in place to reduce public interactions, says SIEPR faculty fellow Maria Polyakova.
Jan 18 2021 | Wall Street Journal
On the issue of growing federal debt, SIEPR’s Michael Boskin warns, “At some point we’ll start paying a price for this.”
Jan 17 2021 | VOXeu
SIEPR senior fellow Saumitra Jha draws historical parallels to what happened at the U.S. Capitol in January and explains his research on how social networks of influential individuals can undermine democratic values.
Jan 13 2021 | Wall Street Journal
SIEPR senior fellows John Taylor and John Cogan explain in this op-ed how stimulus checks will not promote economic growth.
Jan 11 2021 | The Associated Press
In this news story on his research on the cost of wildfires, SIEPR’s Marshall Burke describes how catastrophic fires are visable outcomes of climate change.
Jan 11 2021 | Bloomberg
As Parler, a conservative social media platform, fights against getting cut off by various tech giants, Bloomberg taps SIEPR senior fellow Alan Sykes for input on its antitrust claim.
Dec 30 2020 | Bloomberg
SIEPR's Nick Bloom talks about "the donut effect"— or shift away from city centers — and how many firms are considering the hybrid system of working from home even after the pandemic.
Dec 29 2020 | Bloomberg
SIEPR's John Taylor discusses the implications of corporate migrations to Texas and says it should serve as a wake-up call to make California more business-friendly.
Dec 20 2020 | The Guardian
Steep taxes and living costs combined with a rise in remote work are threatening California’s role as the center of tech, and “I don’t see a strategic vision being outlined for the state,” says SIEPR Director Mark Duggan. “I think that’s going to cost us.”
Dec 14 2020 | The Guardian
The pandemic's toll on California is "amplifying inequalities," says SIEPR Director Mark Duggan. "A hell of a lot of people in California are really struggling — and it’s going to get harder."