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Media Mentions Archive

Sep 29 2021 |
In a new article featured in's newsletter, SIEPR's Maria Polyakova examines the relationship between health insurance policies and labor markets in health care.
Sep 29 2021 | The New York Times
The New York Times asks, how can the U.S. design a cost effective paid family leave plan that actually serves those who need it? SIEPR's resident parental leave policy expert, Maya Rossin-Slater, weighs in.    
Sep 29 2021 | Forbes
SIEPR Senior Fellow Eric Hanushek is one of two recipients of the 2021 Yidan Prize. The prize recognizes individuals and teams who have contributed significantly to education research and education development.
Sep 28 2021 | KQED
Emerging research by SIEPR's Marshall Burke unveils a broad threat to human health posed by wildfires and toxic smoke: “There's no magic threshold under which we're OK. The lesson is that any amount is bad. And the more you get the worse it is.”    
Sep 26 2021 | Politico
As lawmakers aim to make the standing Child Tax Credit payment program more inclusive to better accommodate people in a wider variety of living situations, Politico warns it could become a bureaucratic nightmare. SIEPR's Jacob Goldin is quoted.
Sep 25 2021 | The Economist
The Economist asks, will the business world's most common greeting go out of style in a post-pandemic world? SIEPR's Nick Bloom chimes in.
Amid ongoing challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, employers are trying to ensure hybrid work arrangements don’t inadvertently promote inequities. Research by SIEPR's Nick Bloom is cited.          
As the debate about California-to-Texas migration pits low-cost, anti-regulation Texas against higher-income, socially liberal California, San Francisco Chronicle cites research from SIEPR's Mark Duggan to assess how the states really stack up.
As companies struggle to fill open positions, current employees face pressure to log more hours. “People won’t put up with it indefinitely,” warns SIEPR's Nick Bloom.
Sep 14 2021 | Los Angeles Times
SIEPR's Scott Rozelle, an expert on rural development in China, weighs in on China's economic outlook, efforts to end poverty, and what's in store for "the China we don't see."