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Media Mentions Archive

Nov 19 2020 | CNBC
Social Security is heading to a point where people might not get what they paid into it. SIEPR Deputy Director Gopi Shah Goda is tapped for insights on what can be done to help safeguard the program.
Nov 19 2020 | Stanford News
SIEPR Senior Fellow Paul Milgrom and the GSB's Robert Wilson talk about their auction design research.
Nov 18 2020 | Project Syndicate
Senior Fellow Heidi Williams outlines steps the government can take to start reforming the patent system in this op-ed.
Nov 14 2020 | The Stanford Daily
SIEPR Policy Fellow Ramin Toloui will volunteer for the team reviewing the State Department.
Nov 9 2020 | Wall Street Journal
“We have gotten half of a bounce,” SIEPR’s Nicholas Bloom says of the initial economic recovery. “The rest of it is probably going to take another two years or longer.”  
Oct 25 2020 | The New York Times
Voting by mail under normal circumstances does not appear to give either major party an advantage, according to a study by Senior Fellow Andrew Hall.
Oct 22 2020 | The Guardian
"It is time to start harnessing the power of the market rather than the government. That is how we will replace dependency with opportunity and upward mobility," Senior Fellow Michael Boskin writes in this op-ed in response to major trends in U.S. inequality over the last few decades.
"The economy is being held back by the election in the short run, and by not having a vaccine in the medium run,” Senior Fellow Nick Bloom says in this article.
Oct 19 2020 | Stanford Medicine
SIEPR Senior Fellow Laurence Baker and four other Stanford professors are among the 90 regular members and 10 international members elected this year to the National Academy of Medicine.  
Oct 9 2020 | ABC7 News
Without federal leadership on climate change, large fires are likely to only get worse over the long run, warns Faculty Fellow Marshall Burke.