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Media Mentions Archive

SIEPR Director Mark Duggan spells out the need for unemployment insurance reform.
Feb 23 2021 | The Economist
China's national exam that determines where a student goes to college influences students’ economic prospects for years to come, according to research by SIEPR Senior Fellow Hongbin Li and his colleagues.
Feb 20 2021 | Fortune
"If Texas is already straining, think about all the strain on the horizon," SIEPR Director Mark Duggan says.
Feb 11 2021 | Tradeoffs
SIEPR's Neale Mahoney joins leading economists to discuss wasteful spending in health care. A study by Mahoney and SIEPR's Liran Einav shows the U.S. could save $4B a year at long-term care hospitals.
Feb 9 2021 | Inside Higher Ed
SIEPR senior fellows Pascaline Dupas and Muriel Niederle join more than 90 other economists in producing a study showing how women economists are treated differently than men.   
As President Trump's second impeachment trial gets underway, SIEPR's Andrew Hall debunks claims of widespread election fraud and dead people voting, pointing to his research with colleagues.
Feb 8 2021 | Wall Street Journal
SIEPR's Andrew Hall says a proposal in Georgia to roll back voting-by-mail is not the way to improve a system that voters just showed they liked in the 2020 election. */
Feb 8 2021 | KQED Forum
SIEPR's Nick Bloom discusses the pandemic’s effect on remote work, his research on the “donut effect” on city centers and more in this public radio discussion.
New research by SIEPR's Maria Polyakova and her colleagues shows how the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been starkly uneven across race, ethnicity and geography.
Jan 27 2021 | The Hill
SIEPR Director Mark Duggan outlines in this op-ed reforms needed for the VA's Disability Compensation program.