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Dupas Awarded Best Young French Economist Prize

Sep 30 2015

The Best Young French Economist Prize is awarded annually by the French newspaper Le Monde and the French think tank Cercle des Économistes. Since its creation fifteen years ago, the prize honors academic excellence, innovation capacity and participation in the public discourse.

The 2015 prize was awarded to Pascaline Dupas, Associate Professor of Economics at Stanford and SCID and SIEPR Senior Fellow. Her work focuses on development economics and uses rigorous evaluation protocols. She has ongoing projects on a number of topics, including technology adoption among farmers in rural Kenya, the impact of financial access in Uganda and Malawi, and the returns to secondary education in Ghana.

Dupas traveled to Paris to receive the award in the French Senate on May 18, 2015. She said "It is a great honor to share the prize with all the extremely distinguished prior recipients. Because it is awarded by the newspaper Le Monde, … [the media coverage] gave me an opportunity to bring issues related to economic development, or the lack thereof, to the forefront. I hope this inspires new generations of economic students in France to take this challenge head on."

Official press release (in French)

Le Monde article (in French)

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