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Media Mentions Archive

Sep 13 2021 | The Hill
“All evidence suggests a business as usual scenario where we don’t rapidly scale up our efforts to get fuels out of the forest, we’re going to see a lot more extreme wildfire. The science is clear on that,” says SIEPR's Marshall Burke.
Sep 13 2021 | Forbes
As companies trying to find the optimal balance between remote work and working in the same location, Forbes asks: Should we embrace a fully remote model or is a hybrid model preferable? Research by SIEPR's Nick bloom is cited.
Sep 13 2021 | The Hill
Research by SIEPR's Matthew Gentzkow suggests limiting time on platforms like Facebook significantly reduces polarization of views on policy issues.
Sep 9 2021 | WebMD Health News
“Fatal shootings have large and persistent impacts on the mental health of local youth,” writes SIEPR's Maya Rossin-Slater and her fellow researchers from Stanford, Yale, and Northwestern universities.
Sep 7 2021 | The Atlantic
"The ability of our government to digest digital innovations—and to respond nimbly and pragmatically to the problems they create—is essential to the health of American society," writes SIEPR's Jeremy Weinstein.
Aug 30 2021 | Bloomberg
SIEPR's Michael Boskin joins Bloomberg's David Westin to discuss the economic ramifications of the recent U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.    
Aug 30 2021 | The New York Times
As unrest puts some of the world's most vulnerable to the test, SIEPR's Marshall Burke discusses how #climatechange acts as “a finger on the scale that makes underlying conflict worse.”
Aug 30 2021 | The New York Times
After 49 major national law firms banded together to condemn lawsuits targeting special purpose acquisition companies, the deal-making world took notice. "To get firms who regularly litigate against each other to agree on something is impressive," SIEPR's Joseph Grundfest says.
Aug 27 2021 | The Hill
Allegations of fraud in the 2020 U.S. election show no signs of slowing down. "Evaluating the American election system and ensuring it is secure is crucial. Americans should regard all claims from all sides with healthy skepticism," writes SIEPR's Andrew Hall.  
Aug 21 2021 | The New York Times
While policymakers stall, the educational impact of the pandemic is mounting. Research by SIEPR's Thomas Dee is quoted.