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Media Mentions Archive

Mar 10 2021 | Stanford News
During the COVID-19 crisis, Americans have coped in varying ways, from incapacitating anxiety to extraordinary fortitude. SIEPR Senior Fellow David Grusky explains the extensive documentation conducted through his work with colleagues on the American Voices Project.
SIEPR Senior Fellow Frank Wolak contends there are ways for Texas to improve its power system without abandoning its underlying market structure.
Mar 8 2021 | Stanford News
Research by SIEPR Senior Fellow Daniel Ho and his colleagues at Stanford's RegLab shows how the use of machine learning could benefit a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency initiative to reduce violations of the Clean Water Act.
Mar 5 2021 | Wall Street Journal
The productivity boost to the U.S. economy from remote work could be as high as 2.5 percent, according to research by SIEPR Senior Fellow Nick Bloom.
Mar 5 2021 | Wall Street Journal
Research by Senior Fellow Andrew Hall shows that voting by mail didn’t increase voter turnout or give Joe Biden an Election Day edge.
Mar 3 2021 | Fortune
SIEPR Senior Fellow Erik Brynjolfsson explains the dynamics behind the flow of AI investments in this story highlighting the latest AI Index report by Stanford HAI.
SIEPR Director Mark Duggan spells out the need for unemployment insurance reform.
Feb 23 2021 | The Economist
China's national exam that determines where a student goes to college influences students’ economic prospects for years to come, according to research by SIEPR Senior Fellow Hongbin Li and his colleagues.
Feb 23 2021 | New York Times
New research by SIEPR senior fellows Pascaline Dupas and Muriel Niederle, and their colleagues, adds to the growing evidence of gender bias in the economics profession.
Feb 23 2021 | Stanford HAI
A new Stanford course – co-instructed by SIEPR Senior Fellow Daniel Ho – gathers researchers in economics, law, business, engineering and CS to develop a report that will inform a federal task force on how to design and operate a national research cloud.