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Media Mentions Archive

Jul 23 2020 | New York Times
“People who have the economic wherewithal to be with their kids and the resources to create safe and developmentally richer environments are going to be hugely advantaged to the parents who aren’t able to do that,” said SIEPR Senior Fellow Thomas Dee.
Jul 23 2020 | LA Times
A recent study coauthored by SIEPR Senior Fellow Rebecca Diamond found that affordable housing developments led to crime reductions in low-income areas and had no effect in higher-income neighborhoods.
Jul 22 2020 | The Guardian
“A key next step, I think, is finding out explicitly how close you need to be to a well for it to cause harm,” says SIEPR Faculty Fellow Marshall Burke.
Jul 22 2020 | Datebook
“Talking loud, singing and shouting approximate the risk of coughing and sneezing. Tiny particles can get in the air and infect you,” says Dr. Mark R. Cullen, SIEPR Senior Fellow and founding director of the Center for Population Health Sciences at Stanford University.
Jul 16 2020 | BBC NEWS
For a randomised controlled trial aimed at fighting the pandemic and protecting public health, Abhijit Banerjee collaborated with other researchers, including SIEPR Faculty Fellow Arun Chandrasekhar.
Jul 14 2020 | The Guardian
“We’re all suffering from Zoom overload and feeling worn down," says SIEPR Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom.
Jul 14 2020 | Roll Call
“It is incumbent on us as scientists to convey to the American public what we’re finding and seeing very, very clearly and loudly,” said SIEPR Senior Fellow Jay Bhattacharya at a House Oversight Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy hearing.
Jul 13 2020 | New York Times
“Training is not something that can be just left to the private sector . . . ultimately you are going to need public investment,” said Erik Brynjolfsson, SIEPR Senior Fellow and director of the Digital Economy Lab at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI).
Jul 13 2020 | Reuters
SIEPR Senior Fellow Joseph Grundfest is "so closely associated with post-Cyan federal forum selection clauses that Robbins Geller refers to the provisions in its brief in the Dropbox case as 'Grundfest clauses.'"
Jul 13 2020 | Bloomberg
“The PPP program has been a windfall for the banks at taxpayers’ expense, even if some are donating the fees to worthy causes,” said SIEPR Senior Fellow Anat Admati, a professor at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.