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Media Mentions Archive

Mar 24 2020 | Associated Press
“Right now, the country’s frozen,” said Anat Admati, a SIEPR Senior Fellow. "Policymakers have to decide what’s really best for society."
"We don’t know the true infection rate in the U.S. Antibody testing of representative samples to measure disease prevalence (including the recovered) is crucial," says SIEPR Senior Fellow Jay Bhattacharya.
"The government should provide what economists call liquidity — a financial cushion to allow businesses and individuals adversely affected by an inevitable decline in economic activity to have enough money to survive the shock," says SIEPR Senior Fellow Ed Lazear in this New York Times opinion... Read More
Mar 23 2020 | The Mercury News
“This is not a silver lining. The pandemic is incredibly destructive . . . But it shows that when we really disrupt the economy and shut things down, we emit a lot less pollution, and that affects our health,” says SIEPR Faculty Fellow Marshall Burke.
Mar 22 2020 | Politico | Opinion
"With Americans poised to experience their most abrupt liquidity shock in U.S. history—due to job losses from the sudden lockdown on economic activity—now is the time to deploy the full range of tools for addressing it," says Ramin Toloui, a Professor of the Practice at SIEPR.
"Even big companies may face limits as to what they can or are willing to provide," says SIEPR Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom.
Mar 21 2020 | The Washington Post
“People will change their habits, and some of these habits will stick,” said SIEPR Senior Fellow Susan Athey. “There’s a lot of things where people are just slowly shifting, and this will accelerate that.”
In recessions, enrollment in higher ed goes up because opportunity costs go down, and if an institution can smoothly transition to online classes, it could actually benefit a university's finances, according to SIEPR Senior Fellow Caroline Hoxby. 
Mar 19 2020 | CNBC
John Taylor—Senior Fellow at SIEPR and the Hoover Institution—discusses policy response to the coronavirus economic crisis.
Mar 19 2020 | Freakonomics
What consequences will the novel coronavirus have on our future—and is there a silver lining? SIEPR Senior Fellows Marshall Burke and Nicholas Bloom join Freakonomics to discuss what may lie ahead.