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Media Mentions Archive

Jul 2 2020 | CNN
"There's just a lot of things that say [poverty in China] is going to be a persistent problem," said SIEPR Senior Fellow Scott Rozelle, co-director of Stanford University's Rural Education Action Program.
Jun 26 2020 | WHYY
Research by SIEPR Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom found that employees who worked from home were more productive, needed fewer sick days, and took less time off. "9-to-5 actually became 9-to-5."
Jun 24 2020 | New York Times
According to research by SIEPR Senior Fellow Sean Reardon and his colleagues, the average Black family earning $100,000 a year lives in a neighborhood with an average annual income of $54,000.
Jun 23 2020 | Reuters
An experiment in 2014 run by SIEPR Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom showed that telecommuting increased productivity by 13%—employees worked more minutes per shift and took more calls on average while working from home.
Jun 22 2020 | The Stanford Daily
Co-sponsored by SIEPR and the Stanford Economics Assoication, the COVID-19 Policy Hackathon drew more than 800 participants from 78 countries.
Jun 22 2020 | LA Times
Research by SIEPR Senior Fellow Andrew Hall on vote-by-mail programs found that absentee balloting didn’t increase one party’s overall turnout or vote share more than the other’s between 1996 and 2018, but modestly increased overall voter turnout.
Jun 19 2020 | Bloomberg
“I fear that the prominence of the city, and particularly city centers, will decline,” said SIEPR Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom.
Jun 18 2020 | SF Chronicle
SIEPR Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom discusses unemployment in California.
Jun 17 2020 | Washington Post
"It will be extraordinarily hard to reach a consensus on a new director general when there isn’t any underlying consensus among members on what the WTO is supposed to do," says SIEPR Senior Fellow Judith Goldstein.
Jun 17 2020 | Boston Globe
SIEPR Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom discusses the "Ikea-ization” of office costs—a reference to the way the Swedish superstores helped shift the responsibility for assembly from the seller to the customer.