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Media Mentions Archive

Jul 25 2016 | New York Times | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
This New York Times editorial delves into two big health insurance mergers, and draws data from a study by SIEPR Director Mark Duggan. That study found that consolidation in the health insurance industry was responsible for an increase in premiums.
Jul 22 2016 | New York Times | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
Senior Fellow Matthew Gentzkow's research showing the polarization of political speech is the focus of this story in The New York Times.
Jul 19 2016 | Stanford News Service | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
Senior fellows Grant Miller and Pascaline Dupas have received grants from Stanford’s Office of International Affairs. The money will be used to support Miller’s analysis of Iran’s health care expansion and Dupas’ creation of programs for economics students to do international research.
Jun 27 2016 | Marketplace | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
Marketplace highlights new research by Amanda Kowalski, a SIEPR visiting fellow, that raises questions about the cost of expanding Medicaid.
Jun 17 2016 | The Atlantic | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
New research by Marcella Alsan suggests a strong link between the public revelation of the Tuskegee Study and poor health outcomes for black men. The SIEPR faculty fellow's work is highlighted by The Atlantic.
Jun 2 2016 | The Wall Street Journal | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Senior Fellow Michael Boskin discusses how Clinton and Sanders are criticizing an economy that Obama is taking credit for.
May 24 2016 | The Washington Post | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
The Washington takes a look at Faculty Fellow Petra Persson’s work examining the ties between maternal stress and poverty.

China Confronts a New Normal of Lower Growth

May 17 2016
Following decades of double-digit growth rates, Chinese scholars say lower growth is here to stay.
May 11 2016 | HBR | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
SIEPR Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom talks about his research showing how companies are becoming more segregated by education and skill.
May 2 2016 | Vox | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
SIEPR Faculty Fellow Rebecca Diamond finds that fear of building low-income housing in poor neighborhoods is entirely misplaced.