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Media Mentions Archive

Jul 10 2019 | CNN
Alvin Roth co-authors a piece that explains how changes to the organ donation system in the U.S. can save thousands of lives each year and billions in taxpayer dollars.
Jul 8 2019 | The Federalist
Michael Boskin discusses a wide range of economic issues in this podcast from The Federalist.
Jun 28 2019 | The Washington Post
Research by Heidi Williams and Matthew Gentzkow maps how geography can affect the life expectancy of a person with average health.
Jun 21 2019 | Stanford News
Charles Kolstad comments on the impact of the EPA's new Affordable Clean Energy rule, which replaces the Obama-era Clean Power Plan.
Edward Lazear writes in The Wall Street Journal that while the economic recovery is nearing its end, a recession does not have to be imminent.
Jun 18 2019 | NPR
In an interview with NPR, Darrell Duffie explains why he thinks Facebook's new digital durrency will be more stable than Bitcoin and how it keeps them independent of the banks.
Gopi Shah Goda's research shows that those who are most at risk for exponential-growth bias contribute significantly less to their retirement accounts.
Jun 12 2019 | The New York Times
John Shoven says that cuts to Social Security needn't and shouldn't happen, but we have known about the problems for a long time and they have not been solved.
Jun 11 2019 | FierceWireless
With the help of Paul Milgrom, a group of four satellite companies has developed a plan for auctioning a spectrum in the C-Band.
Jun 11 2019 | The New York Times
Amit Seru explains how shadow banks have taken over risky loans in areas where traditional banks have retreated.