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Media Mentions Archive

May 5 2020 | Psychology Today
SIEPR Faculty Fellows Petra Persson and Maya Rossin-Slater published research that predicts a significant spike in future mental health problems for the coronavirus generation being born right now, at least partly determined by the stress of the pandemic.
May 5 2020 | Stanford News
Understanding how global conditions might affect crop harvests and food supply chains is essential to finding solutions, according to SIEPR Senior Fellow David Lobell.
May 4 2020 | The New York Times
SIEPR Senior Fellow Susan Athey, Christopher Snyder, Nobel prize winner Michael Kremer, and Alex Tabarrok advocate for a large advance market commitment to accelerate investment in COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing capacity.
May 4 2020 | The Atlantic
Once coronavirus restrictions are relaxed, SIEPR Senior Fellow Nick Bloom expects the proportion of Americans working from home to continue to grow.
May 4 2020 | Mercury News
"We’ve all learned how to work from home . . . All the training, the reorganization, has already happened," said SIEPR Senior Fellow Nick Bloom, who envisions many employees continuing to work part of their week at home after coronavirus restrictions ease.
Apr 30 2020 | Newsweek
Several factors related to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic could lead to decreases in productivity and employee wellness, according to SIEPR Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom.
Apr 28 2020 | The Guardian
SIEPR Senior Fellow Michael Boskin discusses several ways to reduce the health risks associated with a gradual return to normal economic activity.
Apr 28 2020 | The Guardian
“This is like an economy in wartime," says SIEPR Senior Fellow Nick Bloom as he describes strategies for how to ensure masks for the frontline workers who need them most.
Apr 27 2020 | Marketplace
Investors are likely focusing more on bailouts for large corporations than for struggling small businesses and workers, says SIEPR Senior Fellow Anat Admati.
Apr 27 2020 | The Hill
"When Congress considers any next phase of economic responses by the government, it should consider targeted loans rather than grants for all," says SIEPR Senior Fellow Joshuah Rauh.