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Media Mentions Archive

Apr 17 2020 | The Washington Post
"Our study has a clear takeaway: Voting by mail does not give either party a fundamental advantage over the other," say Stanford economic researchers in a study coauthored by SIEPR Senior Fellow Andrew Hall.
Apr 15 2020 | Barron's
Based on studying the Great Recession, SIEPR Senior Fellow Amit Seru argues that debt relief is a crucial factor in how fast the economy can recover, and urges the government to take action in giving people a break on their mortgage and rent payments, student debt, and auto loans.
Apr 15 2020 | CNN
SIEPR Senior Fellow Matt Gentzkow discusses his current research involving the differences between political parties in the ways that people are responding to the coronavirus pandemic.
Apr 15 2020 | WIRED
Republicans say they're less afraid of Covid-19 than Democrats, and SIEPR Senior Fellow Matt Gentzkow's new research shows that their social distancing behaviors are influenced by those beliefs.
Apr 15 2020 | Reuters
In a recent analysis, SIEPR Senior Fellow Nick Bloom—creator of an often-cited uncertainty index—projected that by the end of 2020, gross domestic product would still be down 11% compared to 2019.
Apr 15 2020 | USA Today
The IRS's dispersal of stimulus checks "is a massive operation, and let's hope they know what they're doing since people need that money," says SIEPR Senior Fellow Anat Admati.
Apr 13 2020 | Gulf Times
"Looking beyond today’s public-health imperatives, the US must develop an economic strategy that does not override markets," according to SIEPR Senior Fellows Michael Boskin and John Taylor in this article for the Gulf Times.
Apr 12 2020 | NPR
SIEPR Senior Fellow Dr. Jay Bhattacharya discusses how Stanford is testing for coronavirus antibodies in order to determine who has been exposed and who could potentially go back to school or work.
Apr 8 2020 | The Washington Post
Political polarization in the USA makes it difficult to unite the country in times of crisis, as opposed to other countries where polarization has decreased, according to research by SIEPR Senior Fellow Matt Gentzkow.
Apr 6 2020 | VOX
Recent research by SIEPR economists suggests that, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, young male workers at small firms could see earnings losses of 8% to 9%, while older women at large firms might see little or no change in their earnings.