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Media Mentions Archive

Sep 18 2017 | The Financial Times
The Financial Times calls out SIEPR's Peter Klenow in a story on what's ahead for interest rates.
SIEPR Senior Fellow John Cogan’s new book, “The High Cost of Good Intentions,” and his insights on the longevity — and expansion — of entitlements are the focus of this Wall Street Journal article. It calls the book “riveting.”
The Los Angeles Times cites SIEPR’s Susan Athey and her research on Bitcoin.
SIEPR’s John Cochrane proposes in The Wall Street Journal replacing all existing federal taxes with a national value-added tax.
SIEPR’s Charles Kolstad talks to Stanford News about how the government flood insurance market is due for a “politically tortuous overhaul.”
SIEPR Senior Fellow Eric Hanushek says he's seen no proof that putting more money into public education will lead to better outcomes. The Santa Fe New Mexican covers his testimony in a trial where New Mexico is accused of shortchanging students by inadeqately funding public schools.
The Wall Street Journal covers a study by SIEPR's Mark Duggan and Gopi Shah Goda disproving projections that the Affordable Care Act would drive workers out of the labor force.
This article on a new study by SIEPR’s Sean Reardon highlights how shifts in private school enrollment could come to perpetuate the nation’s growing wealth divide.
SIEPR Senior Fellow Greg Rosston reviews “The Political Spectrum” for the Wall Street Journal, saying the book shows how far regulation of wireless communications has come.
Jul 2 2017 | The New York Times
This New York Times article cites research by SIEPR faculty fellow Rebecca Diamond showing how tax-credit housing benefits poor neighborhoods.