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Media Mentions Archive

In The Wall Street Journal, Edward Lazear explains how a rising productivity gap in the U.S. contributes to wage inequality.
May 2 2019 | BBC
Maria Polyakova speaks with the BBC about research she conducted with Petra Persson about the health benefits of having a doctor in the family.
May 2 2019 | PBS NewsHour
Paul Oyer and Susan Athey are featured in a piece that explores how Uber employs economists to analyze their data.
Apr 29 2019 | The Washington Post
SIEPR’s Darrell Duffie, who has examined replacement approaches for the financial benchmark known as Libor, calls its planned demise “the largest financial engineering project the world has ever seen.”
Apr 26 2019 | The Los Angeles Times
SIEPR Director Mark Duggan's research indicates the potential of less competitive contracts as the defense industry gets more concentrated.
Apr 25 2019 | STAT
SIEPR’s Marcella Alsan says the medical school’s agreement with the Trump administration to end consideration of race in admissions is a step backward for improving health care in the U.S.
Apr 22 2019 | The New York Times
Global warming has exasperated economic inequality between rich and poor countries, according to a study co-authored by Faculty Fellow Marshall Burke.
Apr 17 2019 | Stanford News
Senior Fellows Judith Goldstein and Charles Jones are among the Stanford faculty members who have been elected to the National Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Apr 12 2019 | Stanford News
Pascaline Dupas has been awarded a 2019 Guggenheim Fellowship, which recognizes mid-career scholars, artists and scientists.
Apr 11 2019 | The Washington Post
Few moderate people run for political office, explains Andrew Hall in his new book on the topic, which looks at who utlimately decides to run.