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Media Mentions Archive

Oct 23 2016 | The Guardian
Michael Boskin's commentary on normalizing monetary policy appears in The Guardian. The Tully Friedman Professor of Economics and SIEPR senior fellow says the government should reduce public debt before the next economic downturn hits.
Oct 21 2016 | The Stanford Daily
The Stanford Daily writes about the speech that Karen Dynan, chief economist and assistant secretary for economic policy at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, delivered at a SIEPR event for students, faculty and business leaders.
Sep 22 2016 | JAMA
Victor Fuchs, a senior fellow emeritus at SIEPR, has a new commentary in JAMA citing a rapid rise in life expectancy for black Americans. But he notes that more needs to be done to close the gap between blacks and whites.
Sep 19 2016 | New York Times
This New York Times piece about voucher programs and housing policies cites research by Senior Fellow Raj Chetty.
Aug 16 2016 | NPR
This NPR story features research by SIEPR postdoc Xavier Jaravel, who finds that products purchased mainly by poor people are increasing in price faster than those purchased by the rich.
Aug 2 2016 | CNBC
This CNBC story cites the Economic Policy Uncertainty Index and one of its creators — SIEPR Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom.
Jul 30 2016 | New York Times
In his New York Times column about breaking the glass ceiling, Nicholas Kristof draws on research done by SIEPR Senior Fellow Grant Miller.
Jul 25 2016 | New York Times
This New York Times editorial delves into two big health insurance mergers, and draws data from a study by SIEPR Director Mark Duggan. That study found that consolidation in the health insurance industry was responsible for an increase in premiums.
Jul 22 2016 | New York Times
Senior Fellow Matthew Gentzkow's research showing the polarization of political speech is the focus of this story in The New York Times.
Jul 19 2016 | Stanford News Service
Senior fellows Grant Miller and Pascaline Dupas have received grants from Stanford’s Office of International Affairs. The money will be used to support Miller’s analysis of Iran’s health care expansion and Dupas’ creation of programs for economics students to do international research.