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Media Mentions Archive

Jun 27 2016 | Marketplace
Marketplace highlights new research by Amanda Kowalski, a SIEPR visiting fellow, that raises questions about the cost of expanding Medicaid.
Jun 17 2016 | The Atlantic
New research by Marcella Alsan suggests a strong link between the public revelation of the Tuskegee Study and poor health outcomes for black men. The SIEPR faculty fellow's work is highlighted by The Atlantic.
In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Senior Fellow Michael Boskin discusses how Clinton and Sanders are criticizing an economy that Obama is taking credit for.
May 24 2016 | The Washington Post
The Washington takes a look at Faculty Fellow Petra Persson’s work examining the ties between maternal stress and poverty.

China Confronts a New Normal of Lower Growth

May 17 2016
Following decades of double-digit growth rates, Chinese scholars say lower growth is here to stay.
May 11 2016 | HBR
SIEPR Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom talks about his research showing how companies are becoming more segregated by education and skill.
May 2 2016 | Vox
SIEPR Faculty Fellow Rebecca Diamond finds that fear of building low-income housing in poor neighborhoods is entirely misplaced.
Apr 29 2016 | NPR
SIEPR’s Gopi Shah Goda talks to Marketplace about why many adults don’t save as much as they should.
Apr 20 2016 | The Washington Post
Using data shared by SIEPR Senior Fellow Raj Chetty, other researchers are finding new links between violence and poverty.
Apr 19 2016 | New York Times
Research by SIEPR Senior Fellow Caroline Hoxby shows that tax credits for higher education expenses aren’t encouraging people to attend college.