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"Banks retain creative powers to embellish their books by moving liabilities elsewhere. 'Balance sheet numbers look better, but they fool you,'" said Anat Admati, a SIEPR Senior Fellow.
It's hard to know the mortality rate of COVID-19, since we don't yet have a test that can tell who has had the virus and recovered without knowing they were infected. SIEPR Senior Fellow Jay Bhattacharya says this could contribute to the perception of a higher mortality rate than is true.
Expect sales to increase in areas outside travel and leisure amid coronavirus outbreak, says SIEPR Senior Fellow John Taylor.
John Taylor, a Senior Fellow at SIEPR and the Hoover Institution, discusses what’s ahead for the Fed and global interest rates.
The epidemic’s widespread nature and related uncertainty will put a hold on large corporate investments, mergers and hiring, according to SIEPR Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom, who has researched the impact of uncertainty on business cycles.
A two-year study by SIEPR Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom found that telecommuting resulted in remarkable productivity gains—but there are even more potential benefits, beyond that.  
Feb 25 2020 | The ‘Dating Market’ is getting worse | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
SIEPR Senior Fellow Alvin Roth argues that Tinder is, like the New York Stock Exchange, a "thick" market where many people are trying to complete transactions, and that the chief issue with dating apps is congestion.
Feb 24 2020 | The crop software behind your daily cup of coffee | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
According to SIEPR Senior Fellow David Lobell of Stanford’s Center on Food Security and the Environment, dry tropical regions are vulnerable to the worst impacts of climate change on sustainable agriculture.
Michael Boskin, professor of economics and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and SIEPR, discusses the president's strategy for re-election.  
“Nothing like this has ever happened before,” says Nicholas Bloom, a SIEPR Senior Fellow, who has studied working from home. “The coronavirus could end up being the key spur for the development of working from home in Asia.”