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Media Mentions Archive

Jul 3 2021 | The New York Times
At a recent Congressional hearing, the chief executives of Wall Street's six largest banks were asked to name the greatest threat to their companies and the wider financial system. Their answer? Cybersecurity. SIEPR's Darrell Duffie explains the risks.  
Jun 29 2021 | Inc.
Many working parents welcomed the chance to do their jobs while staying home during the pandemic. With offices reopening but remote work now a norm, many of these parents want to keep on working from home. SIEPR Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom explains the downsides for workers and employers... Read More
Jun 20 2021 | The Washington Post
Using the research of SIEPR's Sean Reardon, a new book explains how some educators have managed to defy low expectations, despite an undertow of mindless routine in our schools.  
Jun 14 2021 | The Atlantic
Spoiler alert: Research by SIEPR's Nick Bloom indicates who will be the post-pandemic winners (high-income workers) and losers (downtown landlords).  
May 29 2021 | The Hill
Social Security is on track to go broke in 11 years, creating hardship for the 80 million Americans who need it. Congress must act now to prevent the crisis, SIEPR Director Mark Duggan writes in The Hill.
May 20 2021 | Boston Review
"When it comes to AI's effect on the workforce, the real challenge is wages, not jobs," says SIEPR senior fellow Erik Brynjolfsson.
May 15 2021 | New York Times
In a post-pandemic scenario, NYC officials might look to raise taxes to make up for losses, but “this can start the spiral of death,” warns SIEPR's Nick Bloom. “Taxes go up, rich people leave. Taxes go up more, more rich people leave.”
May 15 2021 | The Economist
“Billion wise, trillion foolish”: Expanding vaccine-production infrastructure could have saved the global economy almost $5 trillion, according to research by SIEPR's Susan Athey and her colleagues.
May 7 2021 | Reuters
"I think the end result that most players are looking for here is not IP waiver in particular, it's expanded global access to the vaccines," says law professor and SIEPR senior fellow Lisa Larrimore Ouellette.
Research by SIEPR Faculty Fellow Christopher Tonetti shows how competition from imports pushes domestic laggards to adopt more efficient practices and technologies.