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Media Mentions Archive

SIEPR Senior Fellow Alan Sykes warns in this Wall Street Journal editorial that Trump's trade strategy is "doomed to fail."
May 6 2017 | The New York Times
SIEPR Director Mark Duggan discusses the House-approved health care bill in this New York Times article.
Apr 30 2017 | The Hill
SIEPR's Paul Milgrom writes an opinion piece in The Hill about the central role of economists, including himself, in designing spectrum auctions.
Apr 26 2017 | Education Week
Education Week covers a new report by SIEPR's Thomas Dee that focuses on increasing the flow of teachers into areas where they're in shortest supply.
Dave Donaldson, a SIEPR senior fellow, won the ‘Baby Nobel’ as the nation’s most promising young economist under 40.
Research by SIEPR Senior Fellow Chad Jones is cited in this Harvard Business Review article examining the downturn in results coming from R&D spending.
SIEPR Senior Fellow David Brady talks to Insights by Stanford Business about party polarization, third-party chances, and what to expect in 2018.
Feb 26 2017 | Los Angeles Times
SIEPR Senior Fellow Darrell Duffie says total lending has not been crimped by regulation and notes the benefit of having some lending standards.
Lawrence Summers, a former Treasury Secretary who is currently a distinguished visiting scholar at SIEPR, writes in the Wall Street Journal about his late uncle, Kenneth Arrow, a Nobel Prize–winning economist and senior fellow emeritus at SIEPR.
George Shultz, honorary chair of SIEPR's Advisory Board, argues in The Wall Street Journal how a carbon tax would free up private firms to find the most efficient ways to cut emissions.