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Media Mentions Archive

Aug 29 2018 | Forbes | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
Forbes features new research by Liran Einav that tackles high health care costs and identifies a potential way Medicare can shave billions of dollars without harm to patients.
Aug 22 2018 | The Guardian | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
In The Guardian, Michael Boskin explains why the strong economy might not help the party in power as much as it did in the past.
Aug 3 2018 | CBS News | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
A study led by Marcella Alsan shows that fear of deportation has kept an increasing number of legal Hispanic immigrants from signing up for government benefits.
Aug 2 2018 | Stanford Center on Global Poverty and Development | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
Graduate student James Winter is immersed in a project sponsored by SIEPR’s center on global development that measures how access to water can impact household economic activity, female entrepreneurship, and water quality in Zambia.
Jul 31 2018 | The Washington Post | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
Research led by Saumitra Jha found that Israelis were more likely to support peace negotations with Palestinians after being given the opportunity to trade stocks.
Jul 30 2018 | Nieman Lab | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
Jay Hamilton discusses his research studying the information systems and media models surrounding low-income communities.
Jul 29 2018 | The Wall Street Journal | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
In The Wall Street Journal, John Cochrane proposes that forthright taxing and spending will lead to a more competitive health care market in the U.S.
Jul 25 2018 | Reuters | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
John Shoven's research explains the benefits of delaying retirement, whether by a few months or a few years.
Jul 19 2018 | The New York Times | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
In The New York Times, Darrell Duffie explains what the elimination of Libor could mean for banks and their customers.
Jul 18 2018 | The Jewish News of Northern California | Posted In: SIEPR in the News
Senior Fellow Emeritus Victor Fuchs, who has been referred to as "the dean of health care economists," is profiled in this piece.