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Media Mentions Archive

May 3 2021 | Reuters
The surge in working from home is leading firms to spend heavily on connectivity, says SIEPR’s Nick Bloom.
Apr 30 2021 | Bloomberg Law
Often tapped for insights on antitrust matters, SIEPR senior fellow Mark Lemley weighs in on the implications of the latest big case between Apple and Epic, the maker of “Fortnite."
Apr 28 2021 | The Hill
SIEPR's Lawrence Goulder addresses environmental justice concerns and makes the case in this op-ed that "a carbon tax is inherently progressive, narrowing the income gap between rich and poor households."
Mar 29 2021 | CalMatters
In a story on California's unemployment chaos and growing debt, SIEPR Director Mark Duggan did not mince words: "It's the worst. The most regressive. Appalling. I don't know what adjective to use."  
Mar 27 2021 | The Economist
The Economist highlights a recent paper by SIEPR Senior Fellow Chad Jones on the unintended consequences of a declining population on economic growth: Fewer people means fewer ideas.
Mar 26 2021 | Observer
SIEPR Senior Fellow Lisa Ouellette talks about the mismatch between social value and R&D investment: "The pandemic has illustrated both political and market failures in vaccine development."
Mar 24 2021 | Reuters
SIEPR Senior Fellow Nick Bloom is cited for his research on working from home and what he calls the "donut effect" on city centers as commuters switch to WFH post-pandemic.
Mar 24 2021 | Houston Chronicle
Suddenly saddled with $6.7 billion in debt, Texas needs to make policy changes to help accelerate its economic recovery. In this op-ed, SIEPR Director Mark Duggan makes the case for a solution.
Mar 21 2021 | The Guardian
Companies plotting work-from-home options will be making trade-offs between creativity and productivity, writes SIEPR's Nick Bloom. In his latest research, workers equated WFH two days a week to a perk worth 6 percent of wages.
Mar 18 2021 | Associated Press
SIEPR Senior Fellow Neale Mahoney estimates $140 billion in medical debt was in collections last year.