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Media Mentions Archive

Dec 14 2020 | The Guardian
The pandemic's toll on California is "amplifying inequalities," says SIEPR Director Mark Duggan. "A hell of a lot of people in California are really struggling — and it’s going to get harder."  
Dec 7 2020 | Wall Street Journal
“There will definitely be more digital nomads” as remote work becomes widespread, says SIEPR senior fellow Nicholas Bloom.
Dec 6 2020 | Wall Street Journal
SIEPR's Nicholas Bloom discusses the latest signals from the Economic Policy Uncertainty index he co-developed and the current disconnect between heightened uncertainty and the S&P 500.  
Dec 3 2020 | CNBC
As COVID-19 cases surge again, SIEPR Senior Fellow Caroline Hoxby discusses the latest unemployment numbers and stimulus proposal.  
Dec 3 2020 | Reuters
A report on “Government by Algorithm” that was co-authored by SIEPR Senior Fellow Daniel Ho and submitted to a U.S. administrative agency, is cited along with news of Trump’s order laying out principles for AI use.
Dec 2 2020 | CNBC
With Social Security reforms on President-elect Biden's political agenda, SIEPR Deputy Director Gopi Shah Goda is tapped to discuss what can be done to help safeguard the program.
Dec 1 2020 | CNBC
Social Security is heading to a point where people might not get what they paid into it. SIEPR Deputy Director Gopi Shah Goda is tapped for insights on what can be done to help safeguard the program.
Nov 29 2020 | Wired
The pandemic has proven the need for new technologies to improve online learning, and SIEPR's Thomas Dee says investors should be backing innovative startups instead of mostly doubling down on existing platforms.
Nov 19 2020 | Stanford News
SIEPR Senior Fellow Paul Milgrom and the GSB's Robert Wilson talk about their auction design research.
Nov 18 2020 | Project Syndicate
Senior Fellow Heidi Williams outlines steps the government can take to start reforming the patent system in this op-ed.