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Media Mentions Archive

Jun 9 2020 | New York Times
A 2015 case study by SIEPR Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom found that when one Chinese travel agency assigned a random group of employees to work remotely for nine months, their productivity went up by 13 percent.
Jun 7 2020 | New York Times
A recent study by SIEPR Senior Fellow Andrew Hall found that voting by mail did not advantage either party, and might increase voter turnout for both parties.
Jun 5 2020 | CNBC
SIEPR Senior Fellow Ed Lazear and CNBC On-Air Editor Rick Santelli discuss retracing the footsteps of the last recession, good news on wages, and what to expect next month.
Jun 5 2020 | Wall Street Journal
SIEPR Senior Fellow John H. Cochrane shares his thoughts on Modern monetary theory, also known as MMT.
Jun 3 2020 | New York Times
SIEPR Senior Fellow Matt Gentzkow found that voter polarization in the United States nearly doubled over the last four decades, increasing at a much faster pace than in eight other developed nations.
Jun 3 2020 | ABC News
Research by SIEPR Visiting Professor Rob Fairlie determined that startups by people of color report, on average, substantially higher levels of loan denials than their white counterparts.
Jun 1 2020 | New York Times
“The abruptness of this shock [COVID-19] is much larger than the 2008 global financial crisis,” said Ramin Toloui, an assistant Treasury secretary for international finance during the Obama administration.
May 28 2020 | PBS
"Maybe a year or two from now, when firms relax and say . . . you can come back in two or three days a week, and spend the other couple of days at home, that's, you know, the promised land," says SIEPR Senior Fellow Nick Bloom.
May 27 2020 | CNN
"Companies developing Covid-19 treatments run the risk of acting too quickly," warns SIEPR Senior Fellow Anat Admati, professor of finance and economics at the Stanford GSB.
May 25 2020 | Washington Post
“We already have disparities. African Americans have the lowest business-ownership rate in the population. … And so here we’re creating a situation of closures that’s hitting the groups with the lowest rates even harder,” says Robert Fairlie, a recent SIEPR visiting professor and current economics... Read More