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Media Mentions Archive

Sep 10 2020 | The Hill
In this op-ed, SIEPR senior fellow Eric Hanushek writes about the impact of school closures — the subject of his analysis in an OECD report and discussed by education ministers of the G-20.
Sep 7 2020 | Wall Street Journal
SIEPR’s Nick Bloom thinks the stock market has gotten too far ahead of the economy but he’s optimistic the economy will catch up.
Sep 3 2020 | Wall Street Journal
"Anyone can be infected with the virus, but there is a thousandfold difference in the risk of death between the young and the old," SIEPR's Jay Bhattacharya writes in this op-ed."Testing strategy should reflect that."
Sep 2 2020 | CalMatters
SIEPR Director Mark Duggan says California is "in for a lot of pain" with unemployment rates over 13 percent.    
Sep 2 2020 | Washington Post
A SIEPR policy brief on working from home written by Senior Fellow Nicholas Bloom informs this story on the pandemic's effect on the workplace.
SIEPR faculty fellow Shoshana Vasserman and other researchers have developed a new computer model that uses health and economic data to inform policy decisions on reopening strategies during the pandemic.
Aug 31 2020 | Wall Street Journal
SIEPR Senior Fellow Joseph Grundfest discusses the constitutional issues raised by legislation that uses race or gender as a basis for a quota
Aug 29 2020 | USA Today
For those nearing retirement, SIEPR’s John Shoven advises that it’s crucial to think carefully about your options in these uncertain times.
Aug 29 2020 | Washington Post
Research by SIEPR Senior Fellow Thomas Dee shows that Black students with Black teachers score higher on reading tests than those who did not.
Aug 28 2020 | Bloomberg
SIEPR's Nick Bloom warns at the Federal Reserve’s annual meeting that changes to fiscal and monetary policy will likely be less effective because of uncertainty from the coronavirus pandemic.