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Federal budget expert Alice Rivlin awarded 2016 SIEPR Prize

Alice Rivlin, a federal budget expert who played key roles in two presidential administrations and at the Congressional Budget Office and the Federal Reserve Board, is this year's winner of the SIEPR Prize.

Rivlin is being recognized for her contributions to economic policy in being chosen for the $100,000 award, which is given every other year by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR). She will receive the prize during an April 14 event hosted on Stanford's campus.

Emanuele Colonnelli on Transparency and Business Performance in Uganda

In the developing world, regulatory institutions can be weak and as a consequence much economic activity takes place outside the formal marketplace. There may be no clear procedures for awarding government contracts. Bribes may change hands and favors get extended, friends and family may be placed first in line. Public and private sector disclosure rules may not exist or may be ignored. Emanuele Colonnelli, a Stanford PhD candidate in economics, a Graduate Student Fellow at SCID, and a Shultz Graduate Fellow in Economic Policy at SIEPR, wants to shed light on this murky world.

Agustina Paglayan on the Political Economy of Education

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Agustina Paglayan grew up wondering what went wrong in a country that was once among the wealthiest in the world. The problem, she suspected, was rooted in politics and in the choice of policies that harmed the country’s long-term prospects. Particularly troubling was what she saw as the deterioration of education quality, given the central importance of education for development. Why did politicians choose policies that were detrimental to education quality?

Dave Donaldson on barriers to better trade

Many economists have studied how reducing international trade barriers can benefit developing countries. Stanford associate professor of economics and SIEPR Senior Fellow Dave Donaldson also wants to understand internal trade barriers—things, like bad roads, that raise the cost of bringing goods to market. In Africa and other developing regions, shipping products from point A to point B can be grueling, especially when point B lies deep in the interior, far from a country’s more developed areas.

2014 Working Longer and Retirement Conference

A two-day SIEPR conference addressed the major problems of the 21st Century — adjusting labor market and retirement institutions for substantially longer lifetimes. Scholars from around the country gathered to present and discuss state-of-the-art research papers on this topic. SIEPR has produced what we call a video conference volume of this event featuring eight of the papers. The conference was supported by a generous grant from the Sloan Foundation.


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