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Nicolas Carayol

Nicolas Carayol

PhD from Université de Toulouse 1 (2001)
MA in Industrial and Labor Economics from Université de Toulouse 1 (1997)
BAs in Economics and in Political Sciences from Université de Toulouse 1 (1996)


Nicolas Carayol is professor of economics at the University of Bordeaux since 2008. He conducts research on the field of the economics of science and innovation and on the economics of networks. He recently worked on the formation of inventor networks and on how these professional networks affect local innovation and productivity. He is also currently working on identifying the impacts of the different forms of science funding. He coordinates a research project funded by the French national science agency on inventions generated at French universities and their transfer to industry. He is the 2016/17 recipient of a Fulbright grant supporting research on team formation and problem choice in science.

Research Areas: 
Technology Policy
Intellectual Property
Market Design and Auctions