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Visiting Faculty Program

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About the Program

SIEPR academic visitors are active in the intellectual life of SIEPR and interact with SIEPR faculty, postdocs, students, and other visitors on a regular basis. Self-funded visitors will receive a formal visitor appointment, a private or shared office in the SIEPR-Gunn Building, and access to university libraries and resources. We prioritize requests where a current SIEPR Senior Fellow or Faculty Fellow is willing to serve as your host to ensure that you are well integrated into the SIEPR and Stanford community. This pre-established connection with a current faculty member will be a key factor in providing you ample opportunities to tap into the resources and networks available at SIEPR.

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Apply to SIEPR Visiting Faculty Program

If you are an academic interested in visiting SIEPR, please fill out the application form below. We review all requests on a quarterly basis. We fill most full-year visit requests by December of the preceding year, so we recommend applying early if you wish to visit for longer than one quarter.

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