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Innovation and Intellectual Property - Issues for Debate

Christine Greenhalgh is a Visiting Scholar at SIEPR during the spring quarter, visiting from Oxford University, where she is a faculty member of the Department of Economics, a Fellow of St. Peter’s College, and Economics Research Director of the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre ( After graduating from the London School of Economics, Christine received her PhD from Princeton University. She has published more than 40 articles and edited a number of books, recently becoming the leading series editor for New Horizons in Intellectual Property, a set of titles published by Edward Elgar. She currently undertakes research and lectures in the field of the economics of innovation, intellectual property and technological change. For several years she has been involved in documenting the extent of patents and trademarks held by U.K. firms and estimating the value of this intellectual property. Her most recent study has focused on trademarks with emphasis on service sector firms, which have been neglected in the existing literature despite their major importance in economic output and employment. In earlier work she investigated the changing structure of industrial output and employment and systems of vocational training for workers in this changing environment.

Christine Greenhalgh
Publication Date
May, 2007