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Center on Employment and Economic Growth (CEEG)

The Center on Employment and Economic Growth (CEEG) studies the relationship between long-term economic growth, technological development, and innovation, focusing on the transformation of the quality of life in a rapidly changing world. CEEG researchers examine what this progress means for businesses, how the nature of work is being redefined, and the impact on people in their roles as employees and entrepreneurs. Center scholars take a special interest in how public policy adjusts to emerging technical and economic trends. An important area of study is the way intellectual property rules set the terms for commercializing inventions in the technology sector. CEEG’s Regulatory Policy Program investigates the economic impact of regulation in the United States and around the world, especially in the areas of telecommunications, energy, and the Internet. 

The Regulatory Policy Program looks at how government regulation of business affects economies in the United States and around the world. Program research focuses especially on policy issues raised by government oversight in telecommunications, energy, and the Internet, including regulatory questions raised by development of new technologies.

Tim's portrait
  • Senior Fellow Emeritus @ Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR)
  • Landau Professor in Technology and the Economy, Emeritus @ Department of Economics
  • Professor of Economics (by courtesy), Emeritus @ Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB)