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Center for Public and Private Finance (CPPF)

The Center for Public and Private Finance (CPPF), co-directed by Michael Boskin and John Shoven, looks broadly at numerous macroeconomic and finance-oriented issues. Currently, programs under the center are:

The Finance Program studies financial markets and capital investment in the United States, including the cost of capital, rates of return on different kinds of investments, and the effectiveness of corporate governance. Retirement, pensions, and mutual funds are major research focuses.

The Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy Program looks at big-picture questions regarding national economies, including growth, productivity, employment, interest rates, and inflation. Program scholars have developed new mathematical tools for measuring economic activity. The program works closely with policymakers and program scholars have served in senior government positions.

The Tax and Budget Policy Program investigates the ways government tax and spending policies affect the economy. Public pensions and the federal budget are special interests, and program scholars have examined ways to shore up Social Security finances. The program has also raised awareness and explored policy responses to changing demographics in the United States and other countries.

Pension Tracker, an online resource created by SIEPR researcher Joe Nation, examines unfunded pension liabilities in California’s cities, counties and special districts. Shoven has contributed to this project.

Michael's portrait
  • Senior Fellow and Steering Committee Member @ Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR)
  • Tully Friedman Professor  @ Department of Economics
  • Senior Fellow @ Hoover Institution
John's portrait
  • Senior Fellow Emeritus @ Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR)
  • Charles R. Schwab Professor of Economics, Emeritus @ Department of Economics
  • Buzz and Barbara McCoy Senior Fellow, Emeritus @ Hoover Institution