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Coupons for Safe Drinking Water in East Africa

Jan 2017 to Dec 2019



Dioraphte Foundation

Diarrheal disease is the second-leading cause of childhood mortality. In countries that cannot afford to provide piped water to dispersed, rural households, increasing access to safe drinking water remains a challenge. In a paper recently published in Science, SIEPR fellow Pascaline Dupas and her coauthors found that that targeting coupons for water-treatment solution to mothers through rural clinics provides a particularly cost-effective way to deliver the solution to households which need and will use the product but cannot afford it.  Building on this, this new project aims to understand how coupons can be integrated into existing health infrastructure systems at scale, including public health centers as well as network of community health workers. The study will be conducted in Southern Malawi in partnership with Partners In Health (PIH). Its objective is to provide PIH and other NGOs, bilateral and multilateral development agencies, funders, and developing country governments with rigorous evidence on how to cost-effectively scale up coupon-based delivery of life-saving water treatment solution.