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Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics Summer Workshop

Apr 2016 to Mar 2019



National Science Foundation


Now in its fifth decade, the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics (SITE) Summer Workshop offers one of the leading forums for the study of innovative economic theory.  SITE workshops present theoretical and empirical work on almost every topic in economics, including behavioral and experimental, computational, development, economic history, finance, industrial organization, labor, macroeconomics, and public.  Organizers conduct from seven to nine sessions each summer, with an average of 16 presentations and over 40 participants per session.  SITE encourages and supports the broad participation of younger scholars as well as scholars and institutions that typically may not be represented at such meetings.

SITE benefits from sustained support from NSF, most recently from grant SES-1061569.  With this proposal, we request a continuation of NSF funding for a three-year term beginning March, 2016.  The NSF funding will be used primarily for participant support costs: to reimburse participants for a portion of their travel expenses and to cover a portion of the operational expenses.  Stanford University will continue to provide administrative support and facilities for SITE, and organizers will continue to obtain supplemental funding to expand the breadth and depth of the workshops.

Intellectual Merit:

SITE brings together established and emerging scholars to present leading-edge economic research.  The SITE workshops create an environment that promotes interaction, stimulates discussion and encourages collaboration—leading to research on new topics as well as to new applications of economic theory.  SITE’s support of younger, underrepresented scholars promotes their professional development, giving them an opportunity to present their work, receive feedback from and engage with the full set of participants—from peers to senior scholars.  SITE attracts an international and interdisciplinary audience providing an opportunity for diverse scholars, who might otherwise not have worked together, to learn from one another and explore questions in other fields.

Broader Impact:

The purpose of the SITE Summer Workshops is to advance economic science for the benefit of society.  SITE contributes to the understanding and application of economic theory to processes, institutions and systems, nationally and globally.  SITE workshops promote the rapid dissemination of the latest, topical research not only to economists but also to researchers, policy makers and scholars in other disciplines, government and the private sector.  SITE maintains a website where digital versions of the presented papers are available for public viewing, which benefits those who cannot attend the sessions and facilitates dissemination of the knowledge and research presented at the workshops.