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Working Longer and Retirement Conference Proposal

Jul 2017 to Jun 2020



Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Project Goal

The goal is to foster more research and policy discussion about changing labor market institutions to accommodate increased longevity.  This goal will be accomplished by a series of conferences involving both established researchers and researchers new to this important topic.


To encourage more research and discussion on the institutional adjustments needed to accommodate the new demographics, particularly in labor markets and retirement programs.  A related objective is to further the exchange of ideas between those working in this field.

Proposed Activities

Three two-day conferences at SIEPR in Q4 2017, 2018 and 2019.  Four such conferences were held in 2013-16 and were widely viewed as very successful.  The conference agenda for 2017 is detailed in this proposal. Young scholars supported by Sloan at the NBER, Harvard and Stanford will participate in these conferences.

Expected Products

In addition to the conferences themselves, each paper will be videotaped and the resulting videos will be posted on the SIEPR website and on YouTube so that students and scholars can observe the presentations, the discussants remarks and the Q and A at the conference.