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Americans Do IT Better

Sep 2007
Policy Brief
By  Nicholas Bloom, Raffaella Sadun, John Van Reenen
Nick Bloom is an assistant professor of economics at Stanford. He is also a Faculty Fellow of the Stanford Center for Economic Development, a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and an International Associate of the Center for Economic Performance. His research focuses on the impact of major economic and political shocks on the US economy, the role of management and organizational practices in shaping firm and national productivity, and the determinants of innovation. Prior to Stanford Nick worked as a Research Fellow at the London School of Economics, a Business Tax Policy Advisor at the UK Treasury, and an Associate Consultant at McKinsey & Company. He received his PhD from University College London.

Bloom's co-authors are Raffaella Sadun, a research economist at the Centre for Economic Performance in London, and John Van Reenen, a professor of economics at the London School of Economics, a fellow of CEPR, and director of the CEP.