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China's Private Future

Jan 2003
Policy Brief
By  Nicholas Hope, Mu Li
Nicholas C. Hope is Deputy Director at the Center for Research on Economic Development and Policy Reform (CREDPR), Stanford University. Prior to joining CREDPR, he had a long and distinguished career at the World Bank, holding among others, the positions of Chief, of the External Debt Division, Director of Resident Staff in Indonesia, and Country Director of China and Mongolia. A Rhodes Scholar from Tasmania, he received his Ph.D. in economics from Princeton University. His research interests are East Asian economies, and in particular, financial sector reform and private enterprise development in China.

Mu Li is currently a Research Associate at the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES), at the Stanford Business School. Prior to joining the CES in mid-2002, she completed the doctoral training at Stanford’s Economics Department and expects to receive her degree in early 2003. Throughout her economics studies, she was actively involved in the Center for Research on Economic Development and Policy Reform’s (CREDPR) China Program as a Research Assistant. Her research interests include international economics, the Chinese economy, institutional analysis, and entrepreneurship.