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Grant Miller, Eran Bendavid, and Nina Brooks
Policy Brief   Sep 2019   PDF icon PolicyBrief-Sept2019.pdf
Pete Klenow
Policy Brief   Aug 2019   PDF icon PolicyBrief-Aug2019.pdf
M. Kate Bundorf, Maria Polyakova
Policy Brief   Jul 2019   PDF icon PolicyBrief-July2019.pdf
Danny Yagan
Policy Brief   Jan 2019   PDF icon PolicyBrief-Jan2019.pdf
Jay Bhattacharya, Mikko Packalen
Policy Brief   Nov 2018   PDF icon PolicyBrief-Nov2018.pdf
Thomas S. Dee and Mark Murphy
Policy Brief   Oct 2018   PDF icon PolicyBrief-Oct2018.pdf
John Pencavel
Policy Brief   Sep 2018   PDF icon PolicyBrief-Sept2018.pdf
Alexander Gelber, Timothy Moore, and Alexander Strand
Policy Brief   May 2018   PDF icon PolicyBrief-May2018.pdf
Victor R. Fuchs and Karen Eggleston
Policy Brief   Apr 2018   PDF icon PolicyBrief-Apr2018.pdf
Stefanie Stantcheva
Policy Brief   Dec 2017   PDF icon PolicyBrief-Dec2017.pdf
Mark Duggan
Policy Brief   Sep 2017   PDF icon PolicyBrief-Sept2017.pdf
Benji Nguyen, Sylesh Volla, and Annabel Wong
Policy Brief   Aug 2017   PDF icon PolicyBrief-Aug2017.pdf
Rob Fairlie
Policy Brief   May 2017   PDF icon PolicyBrief-May17.pdf
Charles D. Kolstad
Policy Brief   Mar 2017   PDF icon PolicyBrief-Mar17.pdf
Jack Davidson, Jonathan Levin
Policy Brief   Jan 2017   PDF icon PolicyBrief-Jan17.pdf
Adrien Auclert
Policy Brief   Dec 2016   PDF icon PolicyBrief-Dec16.pdf
Rebecca Diamond
Policy Brief   Oct 2016   PDF icon PolicyBrief-Oct16.pdf
Adam Looney, Constantine Yannelis
Policy Brief   Jul 2016   PDF icon PolicyBrief-July16.pdf
Joanna Lahey
Policy Brief   Jun 2016   PDF icon Policy-Brief-Jun16.pdf
Joshua D. Gottlieb
Policy Brief   May 2016   PDF icon PolicyBrief-May16.pdf
Marshall Burke
Policy Brief   Nov 2015   PDF icon PolicyBrief-Nov15.pdf
Gopi Shah Goda, Matthew Levy, Colleen Manchester, Aaron Sojourner, Joshua Tasoff
Policy Brief   May 2015   PDF icon PolicyBrief-05-15-goda.pdf
Frank Wolak
Policy Brief   Mar 2015   PDF icon PolicyBrief-3-15-2-wolak.pdf
Ronald McKinnon
Policy Brief   May 2014   PDF icon PolicyBrief.05-14.McKinnon.pdf
Eric Budish, Benjamin Roin, Heidi Williams
Policy Brief   May 2014   PDF icon PolicyBrief05-14f.pdf