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Michael Dardia, Thomas MaCurdy
Policy Brief   Feb 2003   PDF icon policybrief_feb03.pdf
Nicholas Hope, Mu Li
Policy Brief   Jan 2003   PDF icon policybrief_jan03.pdf
T.N. Srinivasan
Policy Brief   Dec 2002   PDF icon policybrief_dec02.pdf
Eric Hanushek
Policy Brief   Nov 2002   PDF icon policybrief_nov02.pdf
Frank Wolak
Policy Brief   May 2002   PDF icon policybrief_may02.pdf
Geoffrey Rothwell
Policy Brief   Jan 2002   PDF icon policybrief_jan02.pdf
Paul Romer
Policy Brief   Oct 2001   PDF icon policybrief_oct01.pdf
Gregory Rosston
Policy Brief   May 2001   PDF icon policybrief_may01.pdf
Ronald McKinnon
Policy Brief   Apr 2001   PDF icon policybrief_apr01.pdf